Ring by Text???


So, I received my first ring the other day…via text message.  An old fling who was expelled from my life about a year ago (on purpose, I might add) has decided to re-enter the picture and bless me with his presence.  Along with his presence always comes an influx of text messages, because heaven forbid he actually pick up the phone and call, right?  Now, I enjoy an occasional text like the next person, but when an entire relationship occurs strictly through the written word on a cell phone…that’s when I have to draw the line. 

Now, being the “independent” woman that I am (or have to be) or whatever…I made it very clear to this person that I was still not interested in re-hashing past misery and starting up with our relationship.  After several failed attempts at getting my attention, this brilliant suitor decided that sending me a picture text of a ring might just do the trick.  Afterall, what girl isn’t a sucker for a fuzzy picture of what appears to resemble a rather large diamond?  I mean, I’m on the brink of 30, so of course I should settle for a proposal by text, right?  hmmm…wrong! 

This entire incident got me thinking…how much intimacy have we lost because of the convenience of technology?  This week I opened a card from my grandmother, thanking me for the time we spent together during Christmas.  I have to admit that I was suddenly overrun by shame as I can’t remember the last time I sent an actual thank you card.  We’re so handy these days with e-cards and email and text messages that sometimes I think we forget the small moments we miss by taking the time to connect in person or through a written letter or by picking up the phone to hear a loved one’s voice.  So, this past week, I made a decision to connect rather than thumb my way through personal contacts.  It was actually kinda fun!  I spoke with several friends and had fulfilling conversations that normally would have been restricted to the 160 characters allowed in each text message.  Which led me to my new resolution…I will pick up the phone more often, I will write my grandmother an actual note and I will ONLY accept a ring by a man who will honor me by getting on one knee!  Then again, I suppose if a large diamond secured in platinum was being offered…he wouldn’t have to actually get down on the ground! 🙂