So Far, So Good

Saturday will mark three full weeks since I said “I Do” and became a married woman. Three weeks since I’ve had a massive checklist to complete or a calendar full of events to go to…three weeks of just me, my hubby, Netflix, dinners together at home and pure wedded bliss. The first week was still a little busy if I’m telling the truth. We spent a few days honeymooning in California before we drove back to our new home in Vegas. We were so excited and ready to be home and get settled after six months of a long distance relationship filled with whirlwind mini visits, letters and packages in the mail and nights filled with Skyping where we read books on marriage together, prayed together, dreamed together and prepared for our life together. Even though we didn’t get back into Vegas until way past dark (and my bedtime), I was too tired to sleep, so we had our first meal together in our home and opened presents from the wedding. We were so blessed by the generosity of our friends and family, I’m still trying to figure out where to put everything! The following day, we spent several hours on base while I got all the necessary paperwork completed to become an official military wife! What an experience to sign my new name! As I completed the signature on my new I.D. card, I realized I should have stopped long enough during the wedding planning process to write my new last name a few times (where’s a Trapper Keeper when you need one?)

The next few days were filled with unpacking, decorating and settling in as man and wife. Those first few days showed me a few things…one, I have an incredibly gorgeous husband who goes out of his way on a daily basis to show me through actions how much he adores me, and two, no matter how much you prepare for marriage, there are just some things you can’t learn until you live together. For example, he likes the dish drain in the sink, I like it on top of the counter…he likes the covers tucked in, I have to have the sheets free…he prefers an electric toothbrush, I’m oldschool and like to brush on my own…he folds his shirts one way, I fold mine the right way…just kidding babe!!! I also am developing an even greater appreciation for my husband, because despite those minor differences in preference, we have come to an agreement that those things are not cause for war and chaos in our home, and it’s just about compromising a little to make room for both of our personalities and behavioral patterns. We decided when he does the dishes, the drain will be placed inside the sink, and when I do them I will simply move it back to the counter. When it’s time for bed, I merely untuck my side of the bed and let him do his own thing. It also took him a total of thirty seconds to teach me how he likes his shirts folded, so now everyone has appropriately folded laundry! While I know marriage isn’t just about the little things, sometimes it is those little things that build up to cause the major blowouts that lead to a miserable home. We’re both trying to be intentional about communicating while the little is still just that. We’re also attending a marriage class at church to continue building our arsenal of tools to deal with the roadblocks that will eventually come, and we’re purposefully growing a support system with other like-minded couples who desire to have a healthy Christ-centered marriage.

Many people have asked me how married life is treating me, and to that I respond, “So Far, So Good!”