This week my older and much wiser sister, Lori-Lynn, informed me that my life is crazy enough to start a blog, so…let the games begin!  With great thought, my title is intended to illustrate the chaos that represents my daily journey.  In the infamous words of country musician, Deana Carter, “I bought these new heels, did my nails.  Had my hair done just right…As I head for the door I turn around to be sure did I shave my legs for this?”  In high school (ten distant years ago), my good friends Michaela and Tricia and I thought this was the greatest tune.   We could imagine what it must be like to get all dolled up for that exciting first date only to come home an hour later, disappointed with the results.  I wasn’t a strong dater back then, but I was mature enough to recognize that sometimes what we expect to happen in life is not what at all takes place. 

Looking back, the last twenty-eight years has been that for me…It has been an amazing road filled with excitement, disappointments, love, loss and great accomplishments.  So, on the days I question whether or not shaven legs were worth it…The answer is always yes!  Without the occasional nicks and cuts I have gathered from this crazy thing called life, I would not be who I am today.  I would not take the time to laugh out of delirium or cry with abandon.  I would not understand the gift that is family and the blessing of a truly intimate friendship.  And as I grow in my faith as a Christian, I recognize that it is only God who gives me the strength to get up one more day and yes, shave my legs! 


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